“The Colors in the Romanian Aikido Association’s Logo mean

1.Yellow is the essence of movement – and it is neutral; Red stands for the space where the action takes place – the fight, while Blue represents the color of the sky, the serenity and tranquility of nature that we have to get harmony with.

2.    The path opened by the kaiten nage trajectory in a negative form is the eternal and perennial return to the source of movement.

3.     It is also the representation of a samurai seen from above: his head and shoulders in yellow, his hakama red.

4.      It also represents the colors of our national flag in the same order: red, yellow, blue.

The Romanian Aikido Association has been founded in 2007 and it has been promoted ever since by Sensei Laurentiu Vasilache at the request and with the support of an enthusiastic group of aikido supporters.  

Melting the two arts together and performing them simultaneously within a unitary frame resulted in a new aikido style we called AIKIREI, and which represents THE FOREMOST TRIBUTE TO THE UNIVERSAL ENERGIES.

AIKIREI is a holistic method of complementary health treatment that allows its practitioners to feel the benefits of physical training by performing AIKIDO techniques and, at the same time, by indulging into mental relaxation due to specific REIKI atmosphere, behaviour and attitude.


In 1984 I started practicing wu -shu with Master Ion Benea . We are looking for a martial art that is not violence in solving conflict situations .

In 1986 I had my first eye contact with aikido and then I wanted to practice this martial art which seemed fully consistent with my character and personality .

I researched from various sources, and only in 1991 I managed to find the instructor to guide me towards harmony energies . Shihan Dan Ionescu I was guided by dance instructor and I was able to penetrate the secrets of aikido techniques .

During the time I attended most national preparedness stage and internationally in France and England.

I had the opportunity to teach aikido classes at the gym in Kuwait Warriors ' Academy, students of Sensei Hesham Baqer - 5th dan ) .
Among those who have influenced me but my technical and spiritual training can note with pleasure the Shihan Daniel Brown - student of Tadashi Abe Sensei Shihan Serban Derlogea and of course the John Grigorescu .

I attended training sessions with Daniel Toutain Sensei - 6th Dan Iwama Ryu - student of Morihiro Saito Sensei Elliot Freeman - student of Steven Seagal , Sensei Agostino Pagano , Shihan Koichi Fujii - 7 DAN Aikikai .

I think all my fellow friend that I have trained over time : my brother - Adrian Vasilache , Daniel Ene Bogdan Fratila , Nicu Ungureanu , Ion State , Alexandra Lemnaru , Adrian Bunea , Cristian Vasile , Nelu Mirica , George Ilie Mihai Ilie Andra Vasilescu, Sorin Joghiu , Florina Raduca , Nicu Danilet , Gabriel Cote, Michael Popazov , Luis Turcu but many others that if she reading this please do not be offended that I have not mentioned, but certainly are thought my soul as vivid and important .

Currently coordinate activities Romanian Aikido Association , founded in 2007 to guide and I in my turn , other seekers of other ways to resolve their conflicts in non -violent , whether their own person or that are involved in conflict with those of others around them.

From my experience, I think it is very important that the dojo to make a spiritual training that can explain how to practice aikido techniques and their purpose . Thus progress in practicing techniques by aikidoka is faster and deeper.

An important aspect is that by direct contact with partner, receive and transfer aikidoka in turn, shaped to its kinetic energy but also the energy Biofield . In this respect, it can manifest healing power , beneficial to " put hands " .

In 2007 I had the chance to meet him dr.Dragos Argeseanu with Reiki and I attended that I opened new horizons in art about energy healing by laying on of hands . I became a Reiki master and apply the principles of Reiki healing dojo brought a spiritual complement absolutely necessary in Aikido practice in essence .

The new form of healing Aikido ( HEALING ) that practically train dojos where I called it :

AIKIREI - Homage supreme harmony energies

I managed with my assistants and students to put into practice a coherent training and assessment practitioners AIKIREI that proves viable and attracts more and more practitioners .

From my evolution may mention that I followed the courses of the National Association of Complementary Therapies in Romania , thus trying to perfect my skills and theoretical knowledge and practical therapeutic healing through alternative means , complementary to allopathic .

I followed specializations reflexology and acupressure and can say that the benefits of these techniques are exceptional . in the sense of physical and mental rehabilitation both kids and the adults who sometimes come to the dojo believing that some processes will practice hard and to protect their neighbors regardless of the consequences .

I believe that no school or method of practice is important but practicing aikido healing that can shape and improve our characters and of those around us for a civilized and dignified life in harmony and peace with what surrounds us . Each practitioner has his own approach to the execution of aikido techniques , but the techniques are the same regardless of the foundation school or stream in which they practice aikido .

Our example is particularly important for children who practice aikido ( in rooms with children and aikido practitioners ) and may even contribute to shaping their personality and character but also of their parents .

I have met over the years many times when parents bring their children to training their temper aggressive behavior , and they began practicing aikido for the same reason .

Sure nobody and nothing is perfect , but with the will and a lot of ambition can we solve our conflicts with yourself and then find ways to harmonize with the environment in which we live.