DOJO - (means "place of the Way" or "place of enlightenment")
DOJO is the place to meet people, so you should avoid any situation that would disrupt the smooth running of the lesson or AIKIREIKA would bother others, especially loud conversations and assessments are prohibited.
DOJO is venue AIKIREI workouts, heiress to organize its material and spiritual inner rooms inspired by old Japanese medieval weapons and has nothing in common gym, even if the room can not replace a real Dojo .

In DOJO hear only the voice of leading training!

For safety reasons students will not wear metal objects during training.

Friendly work atmosphere, but intense, you have to be in a Dojo is determined by the attitude and spirit beginners and advanced students who exhibit hall.

Dojo has to be in a state of perfect cleanliness, well lit and ventilated, being provided with a place of honor. Any movement inside the dojo should be without noise with measured steps, body straight, shoulders relaxed and not inside the room.

When traveling, it can be a wonderful experience to visit and practice in other dojos.

Because you're a visitor, it is important to follow the label of that dojo. Observe in what order aligns students and what is the procedure of greeting inside.

When you get to the dojo, you give the person with the highest degree.

Watch the etiquette of other students and follows them.
After class, you should thank the instructor and an invitation to add his and his students in your dojo.

Remember that you are a representative of the home dojo and your behavior reflects our dojo and training. When planning to attend a training in another dojo, follow these six basic steps that will help you project a positive image of yourself but also your dojo.

Call the dojo before and informs him that you want to train with them.

Ask the required fees or donations required.

Ask what time start training.

Do not delay, possibly sooner be there.

Pay fee in a sealed envelope workout.

Do not hand over money to Sensei. Give money to a superior student.