Reflexology , acupressure , reiki techniques and other procedures are " tools" for balancing the physical , energetic and initiation of the process of healing the patient.

The efficiency of these techniques is even greater as applied to the protected body negative influences of external and internal disturbances .

Holistic Reflexology favors starting a process that develops through energetic balancing confidence and spiritual perception and eliminate toxins , given that self-healing to occur .

Tranquility , peace and internal nonconflict biostructure get everything level , from NOES spiritual dimension .

The patient is treated both by reflex but balanced and with acupressure and reiki energy during treatment and I will tell you and what is appropriate to modify behavior towards himself but also in interpersonal relationships to enter into the state of healing respectively as the wish, positive mental attitude and relational behavior adapted to be able to maintain wellness and homeostasis (property of living organisms to maintain physiological constants in different environmental conditions ) .
Treatment takes place during a ( 12-20 ) consecutive sessions of 2 in 2 days . Each session is ( 20-40 ) min . depending on the complexity of the case and loads of toxins.

Therapeutic sessions are strictly individual , both in number and duration, with character developed and reported conditions that therapy is to be made .

Reflexodiagnosticul involves an assessment of physical, behavioral and spiritual unit ensure a balance between all these energetic structures .

Actual condition of the patient's health to be restored to normal parameters for energy structures affected and then time to produce and modify physical structures affected. Accumulated toxins in the body is the normal functioning of body organs and also healing premise .

The attitude and behavior of the patient after the correction and elimination of disease causing factors can help patients self-healing process and maintaining homeostasis .

During treatment the patient receives :
- Advice on herbal teas , natural extracts , syrups which are indicated to be consumed as food supplements that complement allopathic treatment that follows it ;
- Advice on behavior related typological characteristics of the element to which it belongs primarily in terms of zodiac applicant ;
- Advice on behavior related to security features energy meridians which are mainly influenced by the element .
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Reflexology massage is performed by Laurentiu Vasilache graduate of the National Association of Complementary Therapies in Romania .
Laurentiu Vasilache : "I took specializations of reflexology and acupressure and can say that the benefits of these techniques are exceptional in the sense of physical and mental rehabilitation of both the kids and the adults who sometimes come to the dojo will practice some believing his tough methods protect their peers regardless of the consequences. "
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Holistic Reflexology

In acceptance of holistic medicine , the disease in humans is installed on the spiritual level ( NOES ) of its biostructurii .
Romanian Academician Eugen is the father Macovschi " Concept biostructure and molecular theories of living matter " that tries to reveal the mystery of living matter and the fate of matter in general. Matter in the universe is in constant development , ranging from physical matter ( inanimate ) , the matter BIOS ( living matter , ordinary ) at noesic ( living matter , superior organized , great quality of living matter ) , the living quality special education the BIOS material nature , structure, level of development .

Biostructure theory opened new insights into scientific fields such as those related to BIOS and Noetic Field Theory . Elaborating the hypothesis noesicstructurii ( psihostructura ) E.Macovschi establishes that in certain parts of matter Bios - cortex - generates a type structure ( noesistructura ) that abstract thinking condition . This makes a difference between "matter noes " bark and the "BIOS" , the first differing quality second but coexisting with her interdependence .
An important contribution to holistic medicine and Dr. Richard Gerber has the biophysical and biochemical examples presented in the book " vibrational medicine " that revolutionizes the precepts of vibrational medicine , or the future of medicine .

Scientific explanation of the vibration of matter lies in the thesis of Max Planck , according to which all that is shown is vibration.
People are composed of mind, body and spirit which is in a continuous dynamic equilibrium with higher energy dimensions . We are multidimensional beings of energy and light , whose physical body is but one dimension of a complex dynamic system .

Higher energies go into physical form through a complex subtle mechanism of the chakra system - nadis sites and physical- etheric interface that includes energy meridian system .
The concept of holistic medicine human disease occurs as a result of his actions contrary biostructure harmony and cause low -frequency vibrations that accumulate on the size of Noetic producing the " waterfall effect " qualitative change their own vibration levels and physical BIOS . So are adversely affected and thus psihostructura mental processes ( representation , thinking , language , memory, will, motivation , affect attention , imagination ) generating process specific behavioral affected . General condition of the body is altered by installing a low frequency vibrational field , seen both inside and outside his own body but the interference of low frequency bioenergetic fields between subjects .

General notion of REFLEXOLOGY

defining reflexology
Reflexology is a scientific art diagnostic and healing by pressing and stimulating certain reflex areas of the feet - the dorsal , hands and ears that correspond to all organs and human body parts .

As a branch of oriental medicine is the science of reflexology reflex zones , the body generally located on the surface away from the bodies they represent .

Organs are inseparable components throughout the body, vascular and energy related directly to the corresponding reflex areas .

Reflex is the fundamental activity of the nervous system with which to regulate the relations between bodies and the relationship between body and environment.
Reflexology by reflexotherapist techniques facilitates the process of feeding those body cells and waste disposal . The immune response is enhanced by improving blood flow , oxygenation of cells and lymphatic circulation , also alleviating pain by releasing endorphins and entry into service .

It is not known exactly reflexology originated , but we know that it comes from the ancient East . More than 4000 years ago as evidenced Saqar fresco from the tomb of the physician in Egypt, were already known therapeutic benefits of masării specific points on the extremities . We know that the Chinese used acupuncture reflexology alongside springs reminding him Dr. Wang Wei in the fourth century BC caredupă you apply those to different points on the energy meridians of the body , strong pressure with the thumb întălpile patients .

Reflexology and West
Leading researcher who popularized this therapy and the West , the nineteenth century was sfârşitulsecolului aurist physician William Fitzgerald . Upon his return from Europe in the United States began to promote reflexology , assisted by Dr. Riley and physiotherapist Eunice Ingham , the latter introducing her physiotherapy department of the hospital where she worked .
Dr. Fitzgerald was the one who has rediscovered his theory reflexology " zonal " which postulated 10 energy zones that divide the body vertically from head to feet . By applying pressure on certain parts of the hands , dr.Fitzgerald found that could relieve pain in other parts of the body , located in other areas.

Eunice Ingham , who is promoted and perfected a method , opened a reflex cabinet and later ( in 1930 ) , wrote the first book specialist and founded the first school in the area - International Institute of Reflexology .
Reflexology in Romania is widely promoted in the late 90s , but it was practiced before, in a limited way.

The difference between the reflexology, reflexology and reflexodiagnostic
Reflexology has been defined above it is divided into reflexodiagnostic and reflexology .

a) Reflexodiagnosticul - consists of locating hot spots , painful and loaded , reflex zones , being able to find such a morpho- functional organ pain reflex , reflex palpating the area very rich in nerve endings and vascular deeply.

b ) Reflexology - Reflexology is the component that deals with the treatment by massaging the reflex points , diagnosed as sensitive. During the massage the reflex points must be controlled at all times so as not to traumatize the surrounding areas and to make an accurate assessment of unlocking crystals. If you pay attention to these deposits, from their early disturbances will later discover remote areas and their counterparts .

A correct diagnosis
Reflexodiagnosticului is recommended in the legs and not your hands, because there will accumulate the most toxins, due to periods that people spend standing or sitting , they tend to descend to the lower regions of corpului.Diagnosticarea using reflex points of the hands is cumbersome and less accurate as the daily work to which they are subjected decrease sensitivity that follow .

To make a correct diagnosis is not enough to know the locations reflexes, it is necessary to make a proper examination because some points may be sensitive due to local conditions . The health of a patient judged on the amount of deposits and pain tolerance he has, can thus determine whether we face :
- A diseased organ
- Accruals many and great pain ;
- Or who went through suffering
- Only warehouses or cold sore place .
- A body prone to disease - presence deposits accompanied by dull pain ;
- An energy shortage of organ - there are only sensitive locations , and sometimes an acute pain .
Some people may experience pain all over the plantar and palmar area , which is a hypersensitivity or very tired , and it is recommended extremity rubbing all over , until they are warm , then start diagnosis, patients not Push uşoare.Dacă reacts to touch , points will be pressed with greater force .

How does reflexology
Massaging the reflex areas affected , over several sessions , substantially improves blood circulation helping to transport these deposits toxins, organs of elimination , and the transport of nutritive material , plastic, hormones and antibodies to organs and tissues.

Another way that reflexology works on the body is to stimulate the reflex points corresponding to the endocrine and nervous system , which is activated , contribute to the smooth functioning of the entire body.

Therapist to contribute more efficiently to the triad of action - the Divine Spirit , sick , therapist, must turn to fall into a state of good holistic health , ie to vibration at a frequency as high on all three dimensions biostructure - physical BIOS ( soul ) and NOES (spiritual ) .

reflex zones
It is known that they are positioned on the extremities of the body , hands and feet , but a real map of the human body is represented in the ears and tongue , and other parts of the body, spine , face, head, etc. . You can tell so much about a person by simply examining these areas .

Most often working on the legs, because here they feel best those accumulations important in a correct diagnosis , but also because it was concluded that at this stage the treatment is more effective . Feet are considered as roots of the human body and because the laws of nature are universal and nothing can stand against, as plants must be coordinated functioning of man from its root .

Reflexology sessions can be combined with massage and other areas of the hands , where location is approximately equal to the points of the feet , ( but feel much less landfill due to daily manual work ) and gently massage the ears (direct on every point in this area is difficult , as they call very small , but we can use a thin and rounded end that resembles a pen mine ) .

The principles of reflexology
Correcting the three negative factors involved in the disease process : congestion ( responsible for the appearance of tumors ) , inflammation and blood ( responsible for reducing the efficiency of the immune system ) . To improve the circulation in the body and toxins disposal so as to not be harmful concentrations accumulate in the liver , kidney and intestine .

Decreased sensation of pain by stimulating the release of endorphins ( natural painkillers ) by the pituitary .

Reflex action is most effective when it is used for treating the entire body and not only on certain conditions. In this way it improves all functions of the body that stimulates the natural healing process by the faster and more efficiently.

Preventive maintenance is a method well-being of the body.
Benefits of reflexology
• The biggest advantage is that this kind of treatment can be performed for all regardless of age , sex, health status , both as a curative and preventive good .
• Reflexodiagnosticul is extremely important as it helps us to do a review of the health status of an individual in a very short time.
• Reflexology always act the normalization , with no danger of worsening health.
• Do not treat symptoms of the disease , but their causes.
• A big advantage is the complete lack of toxicity.
• Normalization of blood circulation in the body or affected area is extremely important because blood carries substances assimilation , dezasimilatie and defense , good blood circulation leading to speed healing and recovery of damaged tissues and organs .
• Treatment with reflexology involves no special equipment and can be performed even by the person concerned .

possible reactions
The most common is a total relaxation , patients describe a feeling of relief , relief , especially in the legs . Sometimes during treatment patients complain of cold conditions , sleep, due to relaxation , or excessive sweating caused by emotions.
After treatment patients react variously , some neobservând no immediate change , requiring several sessions to begin the process of purification. And to others , it is installed after the first meeting.

As the waste out of the body could cause various reactions such as :
- Drowsiness , insomnia , headaches , sweating , agitation , irritability,
- A bad taste in the mouth , itching , dizziness , nausea,
- Frequent urination and stools , even diarrhea.
If these reactions is advisable to leave one two days in treatment, and drinking more , so that the body can eliminate toxins .
Often such reactions may occur even during the hearing , it is a scary thing , but proof that the patient responds to treatment. Other possible reactions :
• increased volume of existing veins ;
• swollen joints due to lymphatic stasis ;

Massage is not in any case :
- psychopaths
- Generalized malignancy
- Osteoporosis ( brittle bone )
- Vascular fragility
- Neuropsychiatric disease ( meningoencephalitis )
- Strokes in the acute phase . After the acute phase massage is indicated .
- Acute respiratory diseases : pleurisy , pneumonia , tuberculosis
- Cardiovascular diseases : myocardial infarction, severe heart rhythm disorders , hypertension stage 2 and 3 endocarditis
- Blood diseases : acute leukemia , hemophilia
- Digestive system : gastrointestinal bleeding , perforation , pancreatitis , cholecystitis acute viral hepatitis
- Diseases of the urogenital : acute glomerulonefita annexed , hematuria ( blood in urine)
- Generalized infections : septicemia.
Massage is not temporary in:
- Skin disorders : eczema, ringworm , psoriasis
- Diseases subtegumentare anatomical structures : muscle tears or bruising , arthritis , osteitis , large varicose and inflamed.

In all of these situations may apply massage healthy regions . Addressing the affected areas can be achieved by overcoming the acute period of the disease when massage is major indication . Pigment spots may be constitutional or acquired . Subjects which are related to their masseur hand contact triggers a reflex discomfort or hypersensitivity ( tickled ) .
Depending on the intensity of these reactions give massages or massage adapts .

General scheme. The order will treat reflex points
• Bodies of filtering and removing toxic substances : 1 = adrenals 2 = kidneys , ureters, 3 = , 4 = bladder , 5 = sexual galandele 6 = spleen , lymph glands above the diaphragm 7 = , 8 = abdominal lymph glands , 9 = thoracic duct lymph , 10 = tonsil , 11 = pelvic region .
• bodies that contribute to blood circulation and regeneration 12 = heart 13 = lung, bronchus , if reflex points that are sensitive then rub : 14 = liver , 15 = gallbladder ( bile ) .
• Bodies that delivers energy recovery: the digestive tract and annexes : 16 = stomach 17 = duodenum , pancreas = 18 , 19 = solar plexus , 20 = small intestine , 21 = ilio - cecal valve , ascending colon = 22 , 23 = colon transverse , descending colon = 24 , 25 = rectum .
• glands that coordinates metabolism : 26 = lung and bronchus : 27 = thyroid , parathyroid = 28 , 29 = sexual glands and motor center cerebrar : 30 = head ( brains ) 31 = trunk cerebellum ( little brains ), 32 = temples .
• sick body .
• Other bodies whose reflexes were found sensitive or painful during the massage.
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Acupressure AND micromassage are handy to everyone who wants a healthy body.

The beginnings of medicine " positive " China now ranks eight millennia. Chinese doctors consider objects and phenomena in the inter- relationships endlessly rich and subtle , considered all wires as an organic whole.

The main components of the world are the same at every level of existence concrete and faithfully reflects the macrocosm in the microcosm .

Such a doctrine was structured the 5 elements: wood, fire , water, earth, metal , which are seen as dynamic entities capable of turning in a particular order, some in others.
It was joined antagonistic doctrine of yin and yang principles . Original meaning of the first seems to have been "the light " and the other " the shadow" .

The two conflicting principles are manifested in correlations permanently changed when dominating when one another, causing alternation cosmic rhythms , biological and historical . In practice Chinese healing massage is used widely .
A very appreciated variety is consisting of rhythmic application of pressure on certain " vital points " .

Both acupressure and acupuncture points are well-defined practice , therapeutic indications throughout the 14 so-called "vessels " or " meridians " , which is supposed to run " influx vital 'to be turned or braked .

" Vessels " are not the vascular or nervous system correspond to classical anatomy .

" Man must seek to prevent disease , to not have to heal. Whoever expects to be sick to care , like one who begins to dig wells , when thirsty . "

The human body must be regarded as an entity morpho -functional energy and general information , which we call life, and routinely runs closely related to the environment. Different parts of the body are nothing but molecular and supramolecular systems that integrate perfectly and make systems and devices that operate with a high specificity biochemical and biological . Making any physiological act requires an expenditure of energy. In biological structures , this begins with cell energy expenditure , being the headquarters of manufacturing, use and processing power as needed.

Each cell represents a true " factory " , whose functions are added together with other functions , all aimed at maintaining , improving anti- entropic this unit , which is the living organism in constant struggle with the environment. Balance inside and the outside environment is achieved through regulation and control factors at both Macroorganisms as morphofunctional unit , and energy -informational , and cellular and subcellular level .

At the macro level , policy- setting and regulatory controls are systems of medicine known Classical nervous system ( its components - the central and peripheral ) , hormonal system , plus the energy system known traditional Chinese medicine and which consists of meridians and their points . Energy function of the body is given by the sum of all energy in the cell , namely the amount of energy provided by mitochondria. They are " metabolic factory " of any cell . Prostaglandins receptors in cell membranes can be considered their role is essential in the mechanism of regulation and control of energy. They are at the same time , cellular carriers and conducts information commands : how , where, under what conditions must expend energy . Energy required for any animal body , including cell 's mitochondria. She is the respiratory center and whose cellular energy regează biological rhythm , ultimately , the pace of life.
The notion of energy ( T'chi ) , including the idea of ​​unity , basic philosophy and Chinese medicine , energy that governs the universe macrocosm its ebb and man - the microcosm and that manifests itself in two forms of alternative and complementary YANG energy , the positive and YIN energy , the negative, the source of which would probably be original and permanent polarization principle TA HI (United acuity primitive , which is not nothingness , but incorporates being and non-being , matter and spirit ) principle that gives birth world , and whose action is in the bosom of a great fundamental law , the rule of five elements ( law that we consider today as a premonitory conception of the importance of ecology and its practical applications first attempt ) .

Moreover, YANG YIN attract and vice versa, and this binary complementarity is found everywhere. It is visible in all sciences : in electricity ( positive and negative poles of the current) , in biology ( positive and negative heliotherapy vegetables ) , in chemistry ( acids and bases ) .

In Universe , YIN and YANG apply seasons, days and nights cycles : Midnight YANG arises when YIN is maximum phase , and increases till noon when it reaches maximum. Then YIN born . Regarding seasons, YANG grow summer , it reaches a maximum , then is born YIN , that grows to its maximum in winter .

A body entrails Chinese are ranked in two categories:
• Some of the functions of the workshop ( fou ) or " innards " such as intestines (thick and thin) , gall bladder and the bladder . They govern food absorption and triage as disposal. Their function is to produce energy. They are also called YANG .
• Others with treasury function ( Tsang ) or " organs" , such as the lungs, liver, heart , spleen , kidneys, have the function of cleaning and redistribution and supposedly retains and focuses energy . They are called YIN .

B. In addition, we add to this division and YIN YANG :
• The triple heater plus workshop group - Three Outbreaks
• The master of the heart, sexuality , plus group treasury - Ships Sex
C. Chinese philosophy grouped in twos these different elements , making functional teams YIN YANG organs and entrails "coupled " .
January . The heart of the small intestine.
February . Lung- large intestine.
Three . Liver with gall bladder .
April . Spleen stomach .
May . Kidneys to the bladder .
Pathology answer this bipolarity , because the disease is imbalance in this binary rhythm , as well as diagnosis and therapy , which seeks to highlight and to correct .

A brief classification of diseases :
January . Seasonal diseases ( specific seasons ) or external character yang energies are caused by " perverse" cosmic , who entered the body. These energies can not attack humans unless the vital energy is deficient . The classified nature of energy "perverse " cosmic gave birth. Diseases are distinguished wind, the heat , the humidity , the cold. If this energy is localized on the surface perverse ( YANG ) in meridians tendonomusculare , they are relatively benign, more easily treated , but if it enters the body ( character YIN ) , causing a perverse energy fullness , it gives a set of symptoms serious and therapeutic rebel girl .

February . Diseases of domestic origin , YIN character , are of food or physical energy and creates an imbalance between the organs and viscera .

All these attempts at explanation of the law of Yin and Yang, the law of the 5 elements are not possible and comprehensible than assuming the existence of what the Chinese call T'CHI , ie energy.

Vital energy and the meridians
We present a method of natural therapy which is practiced for many centuries in Asia and has not lost its attraction to Europeans: acupuncture , acupressure and shiatsu massage .
The principle of these therapies is simply the opinion of naturalists Chinese man is healthy when its vital energy circulates and when there is a harmonious balance between energy poles , or yin and yang .
Disease and malaise occur when energy no longer flows when accumulates in certain areas of the body . Stimulation of these energy points scatter " plugs " of energy and allow new energy flow , energy flow in the body and promotes effective regulation and harmonization. Just as with blood circulates energy all over the paths called meridians .

YIN energy flows from the bottom up , and Yang energy flows from top to bottom .

YIN Each meridian is related to an organ called the receptor (containing blood) , and each meridian YANG has an organ called "work " . These 12 meridians are added two vessels , the design - the front part of the body, which gathers together enforcement and vessel YIN governor - on the back of copra , which coordinates all organs YANG . Each meridian is found a number of energy points , in total 361. If there is an excess of energy due to a diseased organ , pain can occur in a specific place on the meridian, in connection with that organ .

The pains are warning signs indicating that a body somewhere , organic function is deficient or that there is a mental disorder .
The methods applied are:

January . Acupuncture point stimulating energy by means of needles. This therapy is increasingly used in Europe. Thus in Germany over 5000 doctors and hospitals use this method to save products anesthetics . O.M.S. stated that the application of acupuncture is indicated in more than 40 diseases.

February . Acupressure stimulates energy points by pressing with your fingers . Depending on the case , if excess energy dispersive massage and vacuum energy if the toning massage .

The dispersion consists in pressing that point in the opposite direction of rotation movement Aces . Toning consists in rubbing in the direction of movement counterclockwise .

Three . Shiatsu massage is applied so few points in the body and in the surrounding areas and consists of a combination of light pressure movements , rotational stretching . Here comes the index , thumb, hands , elbows and even feet .

Brian's research in the fields of geometry and sound (create vortexes of light particles
in a controlled environment) led to amazing discoveries.

The molecular structures of the products placed in Tri-Vortex rooms are organized in a special way
Cats harmoniously so cohesive that the use of these products leads to pain relief, the optimization level
oxygen, low acidity in the body, increase vitality in humans and animals.


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